All About Lairit LLC

Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Removal and Corrections, Body and Facial Slimming/Toning, , Laser Teeth Whitening, Plus Spray Taning

Our goal is to deliver not Just Beauty, but Permanent Beauty, with Confidence & Convenience.


Lairit LLC is a Spa that offers Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Laser Teeth Whitening, Body and facial Slimming/Toning, and we can correct or remove unwanted Skin Pigments Plus we do offer a spray Tan services. Lairit Spa is a reputable, well known service provider and we are fast, efficient, and honest.  We handle our services with the skill and experience that our clients have come to expect.  It is important to us that our clients are satisfied with our services which is why we provide open communication throughout the duration of each service.

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Customers's Testimonials
"Rita is the most talented, kind best esthetician I have ever experienced. The process of micro blading my eyebrows was not painful at all. She made the perfect suggestions for my best look. I literally had very little eyebrows and she completed my look! Her price is phenomenal and better than other places I’ve checked. Her expertise is magnificent. I have had a ton of compliments. Thank you Lairit!!!"
Becky Wiscombe

"She is fantastic, make sure you let her know of any allergies. She preforms works of beauty"

Shelly Marble

"My wife had services done there recently and the results were phenomenal! I was highly impressed with how sterile the spa was. It was like a clinic. It made me feel very comfortable about the whole process. & I did laser teeth whitening as well. I am so happy with how white they are!! The staff was wonderful and professional. The services are quality! I would highly recommend them to anyone!!'

Brandon Daynes

"Such friendly people and a very relaxing atmosphere. Would recommend to anyone looking to do something nice for themselves, or for a friend."

Amanda Pants

"I love the salon ,it is so beautiful relaxing ,clean professional environment. Rita will make sure you feel comfortable and also make sure you leave happy and beautiful. The setting is so tranquil with a calming aroma. I fell asleep getting my teeth whitened it was amazing to see the huge difference in only a hour. Rita you are Amazing." 


Shara Harker

"She goes over everything for you and helps you feel comfortable, has a very nice atmosphere that is calming. I had my eyebrows microbladed and she explains every step for you. Loved it!'

Shelly Johns

"Peaceful and pleasant! I love my new look! If you like the idea of permanent make up this is the place you should go! I would love it!"

Jeanttet Young

"I was very impressed with the teeth whitening procedure. It was great to see the results were immediate. The procedure was very easy with no discomfort or pain. The service was professional and very clean environment. Happy to show off my smile with beautiful white teeth."

Ava Garrett

"My permanent eyeliner turned out awesome. I have had it done several other times at other places, but this time it seemed darker and took less time to heal than it usually does. I would use this place again."

Natalie Baughman

4057 E Oakland Hills Drive, Eagle Mountain, UT 84005